Let’s get restarted!

Christmas and the new year were wonderful and I stopped fasting for a month. A blissful month where I looked after me. I rested, I ate, I focused on inner happiness. I bought a house, I saw friends and played Wii until 7am on Christmas eve.

And I didn’t really put on much weight.

Since January 1st I have been off the booze with the goal being to last 3 months – with the caveat that I can open a bottle of bubbly the night we move into the new house. 2 weeks in and it’s actually a breeze, although I wouldn’t have said no to a glass of wine last night.

I’m back on the 5:2 fasting today and not struggling very much. I’m not hungry but the habit of eating is raising its ugly head.

All in all, still feeling very positive and looking forward to seeing big results this year!

Humming along… fasting again

Wow… that was a weekend of gluttony.

Pork Wellington, potato bake, home made ice-cream and cheesecake. Faaaaaaar too much wine. That was Saturday night. Sunday wasn’t too bad except for the cheesecake and ice-cream reprise.

But Monday’s a new week and I’m starting it with another calendar day fast. I’m finding this to be pretty easy now – in fact I’ve generally only had 100 calories by the time I get home so I still get to have a normal dinner. Tonight I’m planning on a satay chicken egg-noodle stir fry!

That was a great week!

I’ve had a busy week with events at work & a few nights on the booze. I’ve eaten at McDonalds, Wetherspoons and had a kebab, to boot.

And I lost weight.

I fasted for a calendar day on Tuesday and it was a breeze. Tried it again on Friday but was starving by lunch time, so I switched to the lunch-to-lunch model and will finish that in a few hours.

Things are great and I’m motivated.

I’ve even returned to my guitars now that I can get them close enough to me to play them.

And I am going to drink very little for the next 3 months. I have some work events where I would be a pariah not to drink, but apart from them and a bottle of Krug on Christmas Day I will be dry until mid February.

Some time to reflect

I’m generally feeling quite good at the moment. I can see that I’m close to permanently breaking through that 120kg barrier that’s dogged me for 7 or 8 months now, but the last few months have been a roller coaster ride.

I’ve had incredible highs where I see great weight loss and then go and celebrate with steak, champagne and fries. Oh so many fries.

I’ve then spiralled down with the resulting weight gain and used food as a comfort blanket. Even at the time I know this behaviour is self destructive, but I just don’t care. A few days later I pull myself together, get back down to 122kg and it starts all over again.

Today I am 121.1kg. Today I am not going to celebrate.

Although I’m coming off yesterday’s fast and shouldn’t be cutting my calories, I’m going to have a normal day’s food intake for a normal person and I’m not going to drink much, if anything at all.

The big question is if the 5:2 diet is a diet or a lifestyle change… and I should be able to answer that in 2 weeks.