Today is the fifth day of my new life and, by and large, I’m enjoying it. The LiveStrong app is helping my understand my eating in ways I’ve never understood it before and has shown some interesting patterns already.

Without exercise, on a busy day, I struggle to get anywhere neat my allocated 2000 calories. I just can’t eat enough food. If I cycle to work I burn over 2100 calories and am hungry all day if I try to maintain a sub-2000 calorie goal. This makes sense now – I would be literally starving myself if I did that. However yesterday I burned 2171 and consumed 2394 for a net calorie consumption of 223 calories.

This included a glass of wine with dinner!

Now for the eye opener… I snacked my way through 933 calories trying to stave off hunger pangs. I clearly need a more filling, lower calorie snack source.

It turns out that I also get a little snappy when I’ve burnt more than I consumed. That’ll be an interesting one to monitor.

I don’t feel like I’m on a diet and I rarely feel like I’m depriving myself of anything. A bacon sandwich will be something I miss, but on Wednesday morning in a meeting I had a croissant for breakfast. The difference is, I just had one.

Now for the numbers. 4 days of lifestyle change has seen me drop exactly 3kg.


How will I fare camping for the 3 day long weekend? We’ll know on Tuesday….