There was no weigh-in on Friday as I wasn’t near a set of scales or pretty much any Internet access. Over the last week and a bit I have travelled from Prague to the Loire Valley in France via a quick overnighter in London and have had way less control over the food that enters my mouth.

In Prague, they like their meat, their large portion sizes and their dumplings – so we found ourselves sharing a main and having a large side salad each. This was a great way to experience the foods and leave the restaurant feeling satisfied.
We also cycled and walked a ton. This did the job, as I didn’t put on any weight.
France was different – we were camping, we were a few miles from the closest proper town and we LOVE wine. Again we walked, we cycled, we ate until we were satisfied – not until we were full. We even tried to stay away from cheese to an extent, but succumbed to chips with dinner on 3 nights.
But we drank a ton. 3 to 4 bottles of wine a day between my wife and I.
My Nike+ FuelBand was my friend, keeping me moving more than I would during a day at my desk. I tried to score at least half as many points again as I do on a day when I’m desk-bound and then make up for it with some exercise after work.
How did I do? Well, my 2-day late post holiday weigh-in says…..
One twenty nine! I haven’t seen that in years! That means I’m down a stone and a half from my heaviest and 1.2 stone from when I started doing this seriously.
Most importantly I’m about 1/4 the way to my goal.
I really can – and will – do this.