… and other annoying stupid talk that makes no sense.

Let’s cut to the chase right here. I’ve had 2 weeks of zero motivation. I’ve been busy, I’ve been stressed, I’ve felt the need or desire to spend a few evenings drinking with people who are long overdue such an occasion with me. We’ve even moved offices at work to an area where there’s no healthy options for lunch.

I’ve had every lame excuse in the book to not lose weight.

Fortunately I’m only 600g heavier than my lightest weight from 2 weeks ago. I may have to give the credit for that to my Nike FuelBand as I’ve only missed my target twice in that time and one of those occasions was the first day of ‘being bad’.

We’ll call that my get out of jail free card.

If I’d not gone on this ‘bender’, I’d probably be most of the way to having lost my 2nd stone by now. I feel like I’ve let myself down.

How am I going to fix this, you ask?

Simple. I’m going to get motivated, I’m going to want to be thinner again and I’m going to prepare food again. My kitchen hasn’t seen food since Tuesday. You can’t lose weight like that.

And I’m going back to tracking my food and tracking my exercise. 2000 calories is my limit, not a few bottles of natural wine and, oh yes, another plate of that scrumptious Stichelton (unpasteurissed Stilton) that’s made by that bloke from Neil’s Yard please….

There will be another update full of wonderful cooked food before the weekend is out.

Ciao 4 niao.