Friends, I’m not going to talk about weight today.

I’m going to talk about happiness. (Have you ever noticed that the French pronounce it “A Penis”?)

When I started this mission I was wearing 42″ jeans that were described as ‘generously cut’. Sure, I could squeeze into my 40″ jeans, so long as I didn’t want to button them up.

After successfully returning a lot of my wardrobe to active service last weekend I decided to see if a pair of 38″ jeans would fit, so I headed off to eBay to see what I could get for a fiver. It turns out you can, if you’re lucky, get a pair of Pierre Cardin jeans.

It also turns out that they fit perfectly! They’re now being hemmed so that they look amazing.

In my mid 20’s I always had a pair of 36″ Calvin Klein Jeans that looked and felt fantastic. Guess what I’m looking for on eBay as my new motivational tool?