About a week ago I sat here dejectedly telling you that I’d been binging and put on a ton of weight in a short time, well blogiverse denizens, I have good news.

It’s. All. Come. Off

And then some – in fact, I’m lighter than I can recall in recent times. Light enough, in fact, to play ‘will it fit’ again. And I have even more clothes I can wear – including the Hawaiian shirt that Gus gave me that I’ve never been able to do up. Now it’s not even snug.

I’ve started buying clothes that I can only just get into – really nice ones, too. In fact, I have 2 really cool ‘too small’ shirts that I’m going to get replicated in different colour combos when I’m in Thailand and they’ll be all I wear to work come mid-Spring, just a few weeks away.

I haven’t had a drink all week and feel amazing for it. My head’s clear, I’m getting more done at work and at home and for the most part, I’m happier.

It’s time to really step things up this coming week. Stay tuned….