This weekend was always going to involve alcohol – we’re doing a charity wine walk (pub crawl?) on Sunday.

Having not drunk for 3 weeks, I decided to have a glass of wine on Thursday night. 250ml of wine, it turns out, has the ability to make you quite tipsy and will lead to a hangover of sorts the next day. Not a big one, but I felt a lot worse than I have every day for the last 3 weeks.

On Friday night I got the opportunity to drink with the lads and got rather drunk. Drunk enough to miss my station on the last train home. Drunk enough to feel utterly terrible today. Drunk enough to talk utter shit all night and probably annoy people all around me. Drunk enough to not notice that one of my mates had hurt himself and fell behind.

I had a fantastic time!

I’ve realised that I quite enjoy not drinking. I’m not interested in going teetotal, but I’m going to change my relationship with alcohol. I’m going to explore the Hello Sunday Morning movement and see if they’ve got any great ideas.

In the meantime, tomorrow’s wine walk will go ahead as planned and then the booze will stop until I go on holiday. What my consumption will be like in Thailand, I have no idea…