Somebody keeps calling me to ask why I haven’t updated my blog.

Well, Sofi, this post’s for you and it’s all about attitudes to food.

I spent last weekend in Normandy with a mate, camping at Le Brevedant. We decided it was going to be a gourmet weekend and that we were going to cook.

We feasted on Red Thai Mussels, cheeses, wine, cider, gorgeous artesan baguettes…. But the piece de resistance were the roast dinners… Pork smoked over hickory while cider steamed it, served with roasted potatoes, garlic, onions and a tasty sauce.

On a barbeque.

The next night we did the same with lamb, minus the cider.

Sure, we drank too much and I fell in the lake, but an incredible weekend was had.

The fantastic cooking inspired me and this week I have made tacos and paella.

This morning I had my first omelette in weeks – French eggs and Epoisses cheese with black pepper. Possibly the best ever.

I’ve also been cycling to work a few times a week, waiting for better weather so I can do 5 days in a row. I can now get to work in 37 mins and home in 42. The train takes over an hour including the station walks.

With all this happening, I’m still 124kg. This is because I’ve been snacking. And drinking. A lot.

Next week’s mission is to do neither!