Well, I have been stalled again for a few weeks and needed some motivation to kick things up a gear.

So I went jeans shopping at TK Maxx – the only place I’ve been to buy jeans in ages.

I have good news, expected news, and I have crazy news. The good news is that Ralph Lauren – a man who’s jeans are notoriously small for their size – makes a 38″ Jean that fits… just. I’m wearing them right now and am about to wear them to the pub.

My new Ralphs
My new Ralphs – on me!

The news that some of you will already be expecting is that I bought a pair of Calvin Kleins in a 36″ waist (see previous post) and a rather sexy pair of CrossHatch dark blue jeans with white highlights. I don’t fit either yet, but will by the height of summer.

The crazy news? All three were under £100 together! I heart TK Maxx.