As I mentioned, last weekend saw me in a staff trip to my favourite city.

Although the stated purpose of the trip was ‘to write ourselves off’, I managed to drink a whole lot less than most – but to be fair I still drank a lot.

Our hotel was 2 hours walk north of La Rambla and some of us walked half way on Saturday morning before hangovers took their toll and taxis were found. Sunday was a different story, with 2 of us making the successful trek past the beaches and marinas.

The biggest challenge in Barcelona is the food… It’s arguably the food capital of the world and, in my humble opinion, the best food is in the back street tapas bars away from the tourists. Yep, we went there. Repeatedly. There was also a ton of paella passing these lips.

The damage? We’ll this morning I weighed in just above my ‘pre lads night last week’ weight.

I’ll take it.

This weekend sees lots of exercise, little or no booze and a fair chunk of GTA V. I may even do some low fat cooking