I’m generally feeling quite good at the moment. I can see that I’m close to permanently breaking through that 120kg barrier that’s dogged me for 7 or 8 months now, but the last few months have been a roller coaster ride.

I’ve had incredible highs where I see great weight loss and then go and celebrate with steak, champagne and fries. Oh so many fries.

I’ve then spiralled down with the resulting weight gain and used food as a comfort blanket. Even at the time I know this behaviour is self destructive, but I just don’t care. A few days later I pull myself together, get back down to 122kg and it starts all over again.

Today I am 121.1kg. Today I am not going to celebrate.

Although I’m coming off yesterday’s fast and shouldn’t be cutting my calories, I’m going to have a normal day’s food intake for a normal person and I’m not going to drink much, if anything at all.

The big question is if the 5:2 diet is a diet or a lifestyle change… and I should be able to answer that in 2 weeks.