I’ve always maintained that I was going to lose weight without going on a diet. Well, that wasn’t necessarily true as I was counting calories when I had my biggest batches of weight loss.

I still maintain that diets are a bad thing. I mean, seriously… how can you function on fewer nutrients when you weren’t getting snout to begin with? I’ve been googling, watching TED talks, feasting on information and then I stumble across a documentary called Hungry for Change that changed it all. A penny dropped. I’d been thinking in the right direction all along, I just didn’t have all the information I needed.

In this documentary I learnt of Jon Gabriel. A man who had been my age and far heavier. A man whose story paralleled mine in so many ways. A man who had tried every diet he could find and always put on more weight. A man who was on my screen looking trim and terrific.

A man who had become trim and terrific without the help of a diet.

I had to know more, so I’ve grabbed his book and you know what? It makes sense. If you’re fat it’s because your body wants you to be fat. Your body isn’t your enemy, it’s your friend and you’ve convinced it that being fat is the best thing for you. No matter what you do, you will return to being fat until you can convince your body that you need to be slim.

To do that, you first need to understand why your body is storing fat to prepare for a famine or an ice age. Jon talks in depth about the psychology of this element as well as how to then go about making the change. Maybe it’s just my parallels to his, but I’m loving every page as I experience revelation after revelation.

I’m hooked and plan on finishing the book by the end of the weekend. I hope it continues to make as much sense to me as it does so far.

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve started looking after myself again and have lost a little over 3 kilograms, or about half a stone. Most importantly, the scales now start with 12, making me a shade over 10kg heavier than my lightest weight in almost 15 years. 10kg isn’t hard for me to lose so long as I keep focus.

Onwards and downwards 🙂