Friends, family and random strangers, lend me your ears. I have completely fallen off the wagon and returned to my previous heaviest weight. It’s taken three years, but the vast majority has taken just 18 months. It’s time to make a lot of change.

Firstly, my wife and I have decided to return to our native Australia after 14 years here in the UK. Giving our 18 month old son a better life is the driving reason, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think that my weight issues were linked to how I handle the terrible weather here.

As the weight has been climbing I have been very aware of the need to lose it and have been reading a lot of books and blogs as well as watching documentaries. In the end I have decided to follow the book that I initially wrote off as a bit of a joke – that is until I started reading the author’s unrelated books.

Tim Ferriss, some of you may know, is a hugely successful entrepreneur, author of 3 best selling books and an utter human guinea pig. His teachings in The 4-Hour Week were an evolution of my own business practices, rather than a revelation, so I read The 4-Hour Chef – although this is aimed at kitchen novices.

In reading these 2 books I learned that Mr Ferriss has been obsessed with weight-loss and fitness his entire adult life, so given my agreement with so much in previous books I decided that reading it wouldn’t hurt me.

What I found is a book full of ideas that make sense to me along with some really surprising insights into supplements. It’s all backed up with stats and real results – good and bad – so I’ve decided to follow it for a while to see if I get great results. It even compliments everything I loved about The Gabriel Method. This time, my wife will be joining me on this adventure.

My approach this time is different. I have written a really complex spreadsheet to monitor every physical aspect of my body change, complete with graphs and trend lines. The fact seems to be clear; I can reach my goal weight before we get to Australia.

Here’s what the new approach looks like:

  • Slow-carb diet 6 days a week and for breakfast on the 7th. In short, eat nothing white.
  • Lunch and dinner on the 7th day will be accompanied by Cillus Quadrilangus supplements to reduce calorie absorption into fat cells
  • There will be brief periods of exercise before and after meals to stimulate Glut4 proteins
  • PAGG stack supplements will be considered after the first month, pending results.

And my goals are:

  • Lose 3cm off my waist in the first week.
  • Lose 1 stone (6.4kg) in my first month.
  • Lose 36kg (5.65 stone) by June 15th.
  • Build muscle and lower my body fat to 20% – target date to be set in June.

Right… enough talking. It’s time to go enjoy my last meal before this starts.