As I’ve mentioned elsewhere on this blog I have previously tried Atkins and hated it. All protein and no carbs makes Pete a grumpy boy. You’ll be pleased to know that I’m not feeling this way about the slow carb diet.

Am I missing white carbs? A little bit. Right now I’d love to be chewing on a crusty white bit of bread, but conversely I just threw 2 loaves of bread in the compost with no remorse or regret. I can always have chips on cheat day and according to my mother’s nutritionist, rice is full of arsenic and we shouldn’t eat it anyway.

So all in all, I’m good. My wife is enjoying it as well, in the most part.

The one thing that we haven’t adjusted to yet is meal frequencies and timings. We’re both getting hungry towards meal time and haven’t planned ahead with snacks. That is being resolved shortly as a supermarket truck full of protein and allowed carbs is due this morning.

Meals have been great – chilli con carne, bangers and (white bean) mash and many more. I’ll be sharing the best of them over on Thyme On Your Hands.

As for progress, my jeans were a little less snug yesterday and I have lost weight – but I’ll share the results of week one on Saturday.