I write this half way through my first Sunday, which I’m calling day 1 of my second week. The 4-hour body diet has been fantastic – I’ve loved the food and been fascinated by the scientific approach. I’ve got to say, this seems to be a diet I can follow and stick to for more than a few weeks.

I’ve eaten bangers and (bean) mash, a few stir frys, chilli con carne with guacamole and refried beans and even my own take on Raymond Blanc’s confit of duck with beans. Breakfasts have consisted of lots of eggs and other added proteins. Think omelettes, scrambled eggs and this morning I had a version of huevos rancheros without a tortilla. Variety has not been an issue, nor has the quality of the food.

Saturday was both measurements day and cheat day – I’ll share the measurements below. My cheat lunch was a pub burger with a pint and a half of pale ale, then for dinner we had some friends over and fired up my pizza oven before consuming 6 pizzas between 4 of us and 4 bottles of wine between 3 of us. Each meal was accompanied by tension exercises, grapefruit juice, caffeine and cissus quadrilangus supplements. And I lost half a kilo that day alone.

I feel great… my energy levels are much more constant and I’m not so tired in the morning. I haven’t even had any gastrointestinal side effects from the increase in bean consumption.

And now the news. I measure both biceps, both thighs, my waist and my stomach. This week I lost a combined 7cm from them.

But best of all, I lost 2.5kg – that’s almost half a stone!

Bring on week 2. This week I’m adding further supplements to supercharge things.