Wow, this is proving to be a pretty easy way to lose weight. After 3 weeks (well, 2 weeks and 5 days) I have lost 6kg, leaving me just a few hundred grams shy of my 1 month target. That’s right, I’m almost guaranteed to hit the stone in a month goal. This includes a night of excess half way through my second week where we had a big night out and I completely disregarded the diet.

My scales aren’t giving me consistent body fat percentages so I’m guessing I’m just under 5% down. The tape measure, however, is telling good news. I’ve never had far arms or legs, so it’s no surprise that those measurements are pretty stable. The best bit is that my stomach is already 8cm smaller… that’s over 3 inches in 3 weeks!

Breakfasts are still mostly egg-based, either omelettes or scrambled, with some of last night’s dinner thrown in to up the protein. Dinners have been pretty varied – stir frys, steak and veg, sausage and garlic bean mash, chilli con carne among many others.

I’m missing the concept of rice a lot more than the rice itself. Being the creative cook, I’ve ground dry red lentils to a flour which I use as a thickening agent in sauces, but also combine with chicken stock to make chapatis that are as tasty as any flatbread.

Today is Faturday (not a typo) and we’re embracing it fully. A burger and fries at the local cafe combined with a chocolate shake and followed by a coke was a great lunch, while tonight we’re going out for a Michelin starred meal. There will be no shortage of booze and our friend Cissus will take care of the damage.

Onwards and downwards!