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Losing weight without going on a diet.

My first post in over a year… it’s time to restart all over again — August 12, 2015

My first post in over a year… it’s time to restart all over again

Yep… I’m starting anew by paraphrasing Yogi Berra.

It’s been fifteen months since my last post and quite possibly the most amazing fifteen months of my life. I’ve become a father and experienced my son’s first birthday. I’ve built quite the classy office in my garden from which I work and am currently writing this post. I’ve done a LOT of work to our new house and to my campervan to make them compatible with our new family. I’ve even changed jobs and taken three months gardening leave as I prepare for my next step – a change in career.

I haven’t, however, lost weight. In fact I’ve put on about seven kilos since my last post. That’s a stone.

So here I am again, baring my soul, my pain and hopefully my successes to the world as I once again shrink.

I’ll be incorporating the recipes I invent along the way to my food blogs at Thyme On Your Hands and Thermomix Review (coming soon) but will cross post them here for ease of access.

This isn’t all talk – today I got my bike out and rode almost 4 miles at lunch. Not a big start, but a start nonetheless and as it took me 20 minutes to get the bike ready I should be able to knock out 8 to 10 miles in a lunch break on the three days a week that I work from home.

I’m also aiming for most meals being below 600 calories.

Stay tuned and wish me luck.

Do you know what doesn’t work? — May 6, 2014

Do you know what doesn’t work?

I do.

My wife and I are expecting our first child. Add to that 2 weeks off work at Christmas, stress at work, buying a house and then having around 2 months to do everything you planned.

In my case, that equals weight gain. One of the three stone I lost is back on.

Today I reboot. Today I take back control and lose that stone and more.

The kid’s due in 8 weeks. My goal is 10kg.

Let’s do this.

Let’s get restarted! — January 13, 2014

Let’s get restarted!

Christmas and the new year were wonderful and I stopped fasting for a month. A blissful month where I looked after me. I rested, I ate, I focused on inner happiness. I bought a house, I saw friends and played Wii until 7am on Christmas eve.

And I didn’t really put on much weight.

Since January 1st I have been off the booze with the goal being to last 3 months – with the caveat that I can open a bottle of bubbly the night we move into the new house. 2 weeks in and it’s actually a breeze, although I wouldn’t have said no to a glass of wine last night.

I’m back on the 5:2 fasting today and not struggling very much. I’m not hungry but the habit of eating is raising its ugly head.

All in all, still feeling very positive and looking forward to seeing big results this year!

Humming along… fasting again — December 2, 2013

Humming along… fasting again

Wow… that was a weekend of gluttony.

Pork Wellington, potato bake, home made ice-cream and cheesecake. Faaaaaaar too much wine. That was Saturday night. Sunday wasn’t too bad except for the cheesecake and ice-cream reprise.

But Monday’s a new week and I’m starting it with another calendar day fast. I’m finding this to be pretty easy now – in fact I’ve generally only had 100 calories by the time I get home so I still get to have a normal dinner. Tonight I’m planning on a satay chicken egg-noodle stir fry!

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